• Free Venue Finding
    Our clients often ask, what is free venue finding and how does it work?
    We love nothing more than helping our clients find the perfect venue for their event. The reason we can offer this service free of charge is because we receive a commission from the venue for making the introduction. They would charge you exactly the same rate if you approached them direct, so there really are no hidden costs involved, but hopefully by working with us we are able to introduce you to a range of great venues you might not have known about.
    More than just your average venue finders!
    From listening to what you are after, we will send you comprehensive, illustrated and straight forward quotes for each venue that matches your brief. Visiting the venues is key to making the right decision, and so we will organise and attend these with you. Once you have chosen your venue, we will then check through the contract to ensure everything has been factored in, to ensure your event runs smoothly and is a huge success.